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6 Must Haves for School Districts to be Successful in Remote and Hybrid Learning

For this school year to be successful, we have to take the 40,000 foot view and make sure we have the systems and structures in place to help all students, teachers, administrators, and community members work together to support student learning. 

Whether your district is beginning the school y…

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I learned remotely for 3 years and my favorite classes did this...

When I defended my dissertation in the Fall of 2019 I was certain that I would never be stuck on a zoom call again. I had spent three years taking classes from 6:00 pm until midnight every Thursday, writing a dissertation on the side, and also working full time, moving twice, and raising two c…

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When discussing opening schools, we must look to global examples

Image from Getty Images, depicting early school openings in Germany


When looking at the approaches other countries have employed to open their schools, it is abundantly clear that opening in full should be off the table. For starters, businesses across the country have opened in phases and co…

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Re-Opening Plans Should Continue with the Hypothesis that Children are Vectors

My children spend time in two households and this continued throughout the stay-at-home order in Massachusetts. In the beginning of May, I got a phone call from their dad saying that he thinks he may have been exposed to the coronavirus. Sure, I should have trusted this statement, turned my car arou…

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We Need to Stop Dehumanizing the Teaching Profession

I was in 8th grade and I was having a hard time fitting in. I sat at a table of three on the left side of the room in a make-shift classroom the school had put together in the library because of overcrowding. My teacher was an older woman in her 60s, she had short silver hair and glasses. Her name w…

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Looking at Social-Emotional Learning and Engagement through an Equity Lens

I've been to so many conferences where the keynote speaker talked about classrooms without walls, making global connections, and making our content come alive. I remember being excited at these possibilities, and still am, but I definitely was not prepared to take this so literally.

Right now, we'…

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Tackling Social-Emotional Learning in a Remote Environment

Remote learning has highlighted significant inequities in K-12 education, but those inequities are not just curricular and they are certainly not all about devices and internet access. The largest gap in what we are now able to achieve is with social-emotional learning and support. This gap impacts …

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The Conversation on Equity that is long overdue in K-12 Education

Recent events in the US and our K-12 education system have exacerbated what should already be blatantly clear to education policymakers: all students do not have equal access to public education. It is a moral imperative that we as a nation step back, acknowledge the inherit shortcomings of educati…

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Managing Remote Learning from a Parent Perspective with an Educator Flair

I know everyone everywhere has been posting about remote learning and options for parents and teachers, but I've decided to still posting something to help curate resources and ideas all in one place. I hope this is helpful to anyone who reads it. I also hope that this doesn't come across as "I've f…

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5 ways to encourage Communication and Collaboration in Math Class

5 ways to encourage Communication and Collaboration in Math Class

Communication and Collaboration in the Mathematics classroom can sometimes be an afterthought. As teachers, we are prone to focusing on problems instead of the discussion. Discussions are also harder and require structure for o…

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