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Workshops and Presentations




The Classroom of the Future

We presented Mathematics Technology Applications as an example of the Classroom of the Future. The course is a competency based, project based learning Mathematics course that is focused on answering the essential question:

How can I use Mathematical Modeling to understand the world around me?

Leveraging Social Media to promote Mathematical Discourse

Teachers will explore ways that Twitter, Facebook, Youtube and Blogs can be used to promote Mathematical discourse and encourage students to seek extra help and support in Mathematics. The presentation will discuss options and methods that can be used to engage students in the Mathematics classroom through the use of technology. They will leave with actionable ideas on how to apply the use of social media in their course curriculum.




Creating meaningful, competency based, performance assessments aligned to the Common Core

Teachers will learn how to use Understanding by Design to define units of study and create thematic performance assessments that are rigorous, connected  to the real world, and emphasize student mastery on the application of their mathematics knowledge.

Creating meaningful writing assessments in Mathematics

We presented on developing a framework for student writing that creates common language and sets expectations for student work. We discussed the need to attach writing to the expectations for Mathematics programs in Massachusetts, connecting writing to conceptual understanding, procedural fluency, constructing viable arguments, and real-world applications.




Competency Based Performance Assessments in Mathematics

We will review how to create competency based performance assessments in Mathematics by developing consistent language and structure. 

Getting Started with Flipped Learning in the Mathematics Classroom

We will walk you through which tools to use and how to structure flipped learning in Math Class.



Leveraging Social Media to Promote Mathematical Discourse

Visit the link to the site I created to present at MassCue's Leading Future Learning Conference. The workshop discussed ways that teachers can use Blogs, Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram to encourage students to read, write, and communicate in Mathematics. The presentation discussed the multiple ways to engage students through a variety of Social Media platforms. The site created is meant to serve as a permanent archive and resource for teachers and administrators looking to integrate Social Media in the Mathematics Classroom.


Help Desk Live Episode 31

Visit the link for a live interview with Burlington High School's Help Desk Live's Jenn Scheffer.

After meeting at the Learn Launch Conference, Jenn and I talked shop on integrating technology in the classroom and using technology as a vehicle to introduce real world mathematics applications. The interview was a great talk and Jenn wrote a fantastic summary of the course on her site. Have a visit and feel free to reach out with questions!